Carlo Natali (éd.) : Aristotle : Metaphysics and Pratical Philosophy. Essays in Honour of Erico Berti

Enrico Berti has had a profound influence on the birth and development of Italian studies in ancient philosophy. His sizeable work has shaped a great part of Italian studies on Aristotle and other ancient philosophers.
To celebrate him and express their gratitude for his work, some of his disciples, under the impulse of the late Franco Volpi, have brought together a volume in his honour, requesting the participation of some foreign scholars particularly close to him.
The volume comprises essays by Pierre Aubenque, Jonathan Barnes, Terence H. Irwin, Tomás Calvo-Martínez, Jaap Mansfeld, Pierre Pellegrin, Gerhard Seel and Alejandro G. Vigo.
The main themes are Aristotle’s metaphysics and practical philosophy.
A Selected Bibliography by E. Berti himself completes the volume.

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