J. de Guzman Miroy : Tracing Nicholas of Cusa’s Ealy Development

The history of philosophy has painted two differing, if not contradictory, images of Nicholas of Cusa. He was hitherto considered either as a mystical theologian or as a political philsopher. This book is a comparative study of the two great works that have generated these divergent representations of the 15th century German thinker, namely De concordantia catholica and De docta ignorantia. The study yields an understanding of the continuity and discontinuity in the thinking of the Cusanus of the Council of Basel and that of the post-Basel period. This book also provides details that are necessary to offer a unified as well as a dynamic thought, which is of vital importance to argue for the continued relevance of medieval thought in contemporary times



La philosophie médiatique

Coups de cœur

Histoire de la philosophie

Actualité éditoriale des rédacteurs

Le livre par l’auteur

La philosophie politique

La philosophie dans tous ses états

Regards croisés

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